If it’s up to mass media to report information and news that have an impact on society’s public opinion, the core of his research lies one step backward, or beneath: at the border between the event and the ordinary, where its roots are found. Claudio Morelli’s work is fed by the passion for the moments revealing the ordinary, the paradoxical, the unexpected.
He has worked as an author and director of photography of Renzo Piano’s G124 project, which let him capture urban and social environments lying outside of the massive attention. Moreover, for two years he’s been the curator of the project of slow-journalism Supervulcano, on the theme of coexistence between Man and volcanic risk in Campi Flegrei.
Presently, he works as consultant editorial director at VD, a next-generation media, focusing on social impact and lifestyle, and a production company focused on giving birth to extraordinary content like videos, multimedia stories, podcasts, and media strategies.
Claudio founded Reversocollettivo, a collective of journalists, creatives, and researchers working for exploring beyond the boundaries of storytelling. Among the others, they created Slowmag an experimental magazine for Slow Food Milano, based on food stories.
As a lecturer, he collaborates with IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) for the classes of photojournalism and computer graphic.
Even the commercial contents he was assigned to develop for multiple brands never lose that authentic, instinctive feeling of pure editorial works. With that said, Claudio also likes to experiment and see opportunities regardless of the media. With over 10 years of experience, he’s been working with projects in all media for a wide variety of clients.