Loro Piana by Giulio Di Sturco

The origin of a secret
A story of extreme contrasts, enduring relationships and a deep reverence for the natural world. It is a tribute to the perseverance of the traditional goat farmers of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, who for generations have worked in one of earth’s harshest landscapes, but whose way of life is now threatened by forces beyond their control.

Close to the dunes of the Gobi Desert, in the midst of the Helan mountains, is the Alashan region of Inner Mongolia. A spellbinding, yet inhospitable landscape that experiences some of the most extreme changes in temperature – from day to night and from season to season. 

Embodying all the elements of survival, the Capra hircus goat is a small yet extremely resilient animal that’s evolved to withstand some of the harshest conditions on earth. Adapting in harmony with the extreme seasons, the goat’s outer fleece shields it from rain, sun and dust, while a soft, insulating underfleece lies beneath: the hidden treasure known as cashmere.

The nomadic herder community lives at the limit of the liveable in the extremities of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. Herdsmen have an intimate knowledge of the land on which they live and the animals that inhabit it. With generations of knowledge, they can read the exact signs of the right time to collect the precious cashmere fibres – collecting them in harmony with the natural cycles of life. Recently, the intensification of breeding has disrupted a century-old ecological balance, causing desertification of the territory and a reduction in the quality of the fibres.

For more than six generations Loro Piana has travelled to some of the most remote corners of the world to source fibres of the rarest quality and create exquisite fabrics and garments. In Mongolia and Inner Mongolia Loro Piana works closely with local communities and producers, pledging to protect and conserve the native species and the fragile ecosystem, and to help maintain the traditional culture. In 2009, it set out to encourage local cashmere production in China by supporting goat herders’ efforts, production processes and skills, as an integral part of the company’s ethical responsibility. In the same year, the brand developed “The Loro Piana Method”, a modern system of selective breeding designed to optimise the quality of the cashmere produced across the Alashan County – later extended to the whole of Inner Mongolia.

Enhancing fibre fineness, while maintaining a high volume of down per animal, the method reduces the number of goats and improves their standard of living – restoring an ancient balance between the animals and their habitat. With an aim to improve the quality of cashmere in the region and establish a sustainable use of the land, it’s an initiative that has a long-term view to instil a greater social message while affirming Loro Piana’s commitment to the quality of its work – from the fibre to the end product for its customers.

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